Just Brewed: American Amber

25 Jul

My original inspiration for this beer was Mack & Jack’s African Amber. I first tried this while on vacation in Seattle and I thought it was awesome. With its limited distribution, I have not been able to try it since. But I remember much of the flavor and aroma of it and have tried to match it with this recipe. Earlier versions of it were a little too intense on the malt character. This version is a little more simple and I think fits more in-line with what people expect from an Amber. Sadly, it has been way too long since I’ve tried M&J’s so I can’t say if it is a decent clone, but this recipe brews a good drinking Amber nonetheless. It is medium-low body, with an initial malt sweetness that fades into a caramelly medium-dry finish. The hops are restrained–but in a good zone for this style.

This beer has an interesting malt bill and a nice array of hop additions. It is somewhat easy on the late hop additions compared to some American Amber recipes, but I am always more pro-malt that hops, so that is my personal preference. If you like more hop flavor and aroma, double the 10 minute and knock out hops.

Recipe here: American Amber.

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